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Staff Technology Links

staff tech links

Technology Links

HUB CUSD Employee Forms & Documentation Hub 
people soft

Payroll system (Download paystubs)

SDCOE PeopleSoft Support

support Report a problem or request technical support
frontline Absence Management Login (formerly Aesop)

Change your domain password (Note: This will also change your Google password Domain = csd)

Instructions are available here
Alludo Alludo Personalized Professional Development
digital schools

Digital Schools employee portal Select "My Digital Schools" and then "My Details" to view your information.

CLEVER Login to Clever (Staff)
aeries Aeries Portal link
achieve3000 Achieve3000 Learning Paths: Log into your teacher/admin Achieve3000 account through Clever - link here
illuminate Login to Illuminate through Clever - link here  
Ebsco EBSCO Access

Logon Instructions - Enter your Single Sign-on username and password to log on to California assessment systems. 

follett Click to login here or left
Decryption Certificate for
MAC Devices 

If prompted for Certificate password, proceed with no password. If not given option to Always Trust, you will need to manually enter under System Keychain, "CUSD".

Status Alerts

Please use the links below to check the current status of website and software services if you are experiencing problems logging on, or accessing pages.

Achieve3000: No Status Dashboard Available Aeries Status Update 
Amazon Web Services Status Update  Clever Status Update 
Destiny: No Status Dashboard Available G Suite Status Update 
GoMath! Status Update  Illuminate Status Update 
MyAccess: No Status Dashboard Available Status Update