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Fiscal Services

The Fiscal Services Department is responsible for ensuring accountability to the public for the fiscal health of the district. In addition the department provides financial support services for school sites and departments within the district including accounts payable, payroll, budget development, and attendance accounting. For accounts payable questions, please email:

Fiscal Services Staff • FAX (760) 331-6902

Shelly Kruse, Director of Fiscal Services
Phone: (760) 331-5037 -

Duchess Salvosa, Administrative Assistant
Phone: (760) 331-5065 -

Kathy McCormac, Lead Accountant
Phone: (760) 331-5038 -

Lilitte Grundstein, Accountant
Phone: (760) 331-5045 -

Terri Darr, Accountant
Phone: (760) 331-5046 -

Juan Shen, Accountant
Phone: (760) 331-5042 -

Patricia Flores, Lead Payroll Technician
Phone: (760) 331-5044 -

Arlene Hernandez, Payroll Technician
Phone: (760) 331-5066 -

Jeffery Goodman, Payroll Technician
Phone: (760) 331-5047 -

Maianna Grindley, Accounting Technician
Phone: (760) 331-5041 -

Christian Martinez, Accounting Technician
Phone: (760) 331-5004 -

Allen Molina, Accounting Technician
Phone: (760) 331-5039 -

Accounting Manuals, Forms, and Guides

All manuals, forms and guides are available on the Intranet

Old Paystub Access

To access paystubs please use the following link:


To change a document's application:
1 - Select the document and choose File > Get Info.
2 - Click "Open with" in the Info window.
3- Choose an application from the pop-up menu, or choose Other to locate a different application. (In this case you would probably want Adobe Acrobat Reader)
4 - The file may not have a .pdf ext, but it should open anyway.