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Nutrition Services-Covid Information

Nutrition Services menus

**New Meal Service Times, as of 2/8/2021**

Free meals are available for curbside pick up for all children 18 and under at our elementary school locations Monday-Friday, 11:00 am-1:30 pm.

Families doing distance learning and the community are encouraged to pick up meals before 1:00 pm to avoid the school dismissal rush.  If a staff member is not present at the curbside pick up, please call the cafeteria for meal service. 


Aviara Oaks Elementary & Middle

(760) 707-8442

Buena Vista Elementary*

(760) 331-5485 

Calavera Hills Elementary & Middle*

(760) 331-6385

Carlsbad High 

(760) 331-5185

Hope Elementary

(760) 331-5900**

Jefferson Elementary*

(760) 331-5585

Kelly Elementary

(760) 331-5885

Magnolia Elementary

(760) 331-5685

Pacific Rim Elementary*

(760) 331-6285

Poinsettia Elementary

(760) 331-6585 


*Breakfast is served separately on campus at these sites. If you are picking up meals at one of these sites and would like both breakfast and lunch, please call in advance to let the staff member know. 


**This is the front office number to use temporarily during construction.


We also serve grab-and-go meals at Carlsbad High School. Starting Monday 3/1/21, CHS will be serving Mon, Tue, Thurs, Fri. at 11-12:00 pm. Wednesday's meals will be served on Tuesday. 



Please remember to wear your mask. Thank you!


We are an equal opportunity provider.