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Career Pathways


Career Pathways consist of academic integration, course sequences, work-based learning, and essential non-technical workplace skills for students. CUSD's Career Pathways have a sequence of two (2) or more courses in student's area of career interest. Pathways connect high school classes to college and career. 

About the Program

Academic Integration

Integrating core academic subjects such as Math, Science, and English Language Arts with hands-on instruction is a proven strategy for improving academic performance and for student retention of concepts learned.  Integrated project-based learning is both rigorous and relevant, making pathway students uniquely prepared to enter both college and career.

Pathway Course Sequences

CUSD course sequences are organized as:  Introductory, Concentrator, and Capstone courses.  Sequences are flexible and inclusive, have multiple entry and exit points, and provide students with opportunities to complete a pathway in less than 4 years.  We strive to align course sequences vertically, beginning as early as Elementary School, and horizontally across all CUSD high schools.

Work-Based Learning

CUSD Career Pathways are committed to providing sequenced, authentic, and relevant work-based learning experiences for all pathway students and staff through effective business and industry partnerships.  These invaluable relationships help ensure our students are working with the latest equipment and that the curriculum is consistent with industry standards. Our business partners range from guest speakers in classrooms, to providing student internships, and many points in between.  We are always seeking to strengthen our industry relationships as well as develop new ones through outreach and student showcases.

Essential Non-technical Workplace Skills for Students

Pathways incorporate soft skills that are essential for success in college and career. These are aligned with the CUSD Graduate Profile and tailored to each pathway based on industry need.

K-8 College & Career Preparedness

Cusd offers programs and opportunities for students to be prepared for high school and beyond. 

Career Pathways Brochure

Elementary School Programs

Middle School Programs

High School Career Pathways

CUSD's high school career pathways offers the following benefits: A-G approved courses, college credit articulated courses, industry skills, career panels, job shadows, industry tours, guest speakers, work-based learning, and internships. 

CTE Highlights

business pathway

CHS Business Pathway Virtual Enterprise (VE) students participated in a work based learning opportunity with Coola. 

Students Presentation to the City of Carlsbad


CUSD Biomed Teachers Mrs. Park & Mrs. Bachman visit biomanufacturing lab at MiraCosta


Mira Costa

CUSD Career Pathway teachers, counselors & admins learn about high wage/demand industry sectors in the region at MiraCosta