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Maintenance & Operations

maintenance and operations

The District Maintenance and Operations department is responsible for making sure that district buildings and grounds are well maintained, and that school sites and facilities are kept clean and safe for students, staff and visitors. 

Maintenance & Operations Staff • FAX (760) 331-5007

Erick Kroenke, Director Maintenance & Operations
Phone: (760) 331-6923 -

Hannah King, Administrative Assistant for Maintenance & Operations
Phone: (760) 331-6905 -

Richard Graham, Custodial Services Supervisor
Phone: (760) 331-6910 -

David Sharpski, Maintenance & Grounds Services Supervisor
Phone: (760) 331-6908 -

Emergency After Hours On-Call Services
(760) 802-9579



CUSD has a staff member On-Call during non-work hours for site emergency after hours responses. This coverage includes holidays, school breaks, weekends and all times when staff is not on site.  These emergencies can be water running or flooding, broken windows, break-ins, fire & security alarms and other situations that pose an imminent danger to life & health or can lead to significant and / or ongoing damage to CUSD property if not addressed quickly.   CALL  (760) 802-9579


District Standards


The Healthy Schools Act of 2000 was signed into law September 2000 and requires that all schools provide parents or guardians of students with annual written notification of expected pesticide use on school sites when children are not present.  Notification will identify the active ingredient or ingredients in each pesticide product and will include the Internet address for further information on pesticides and their alternatives.  We will send out annual notifications in September of each year.