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Instructional Services


The Instructional Services department works collaboratively with teachers, support staff, school and district administrators, and the community to promote student learning in support of district goals. In pursuit of these goals, Instructional Services is responsible for ensuring that our efforts are compliant with state and federal regulations. Standards-based instruction is promoted through adherence to state-approved instructional materials and implementation of standardized-testing. Pupil Support Services such as inter- and intra-district transfers, suspensions/expulsions, and attendance are also facilitated through Instructional Services. Information Technology Services provides technology support for the learning process at school sites, and administrative offices. The Instructional Services Department is committed to increasing the capacity of teachers and school leaders by providing ongoing and systematic professional development. 

Instructional Services Staff

Department FAX: (760) 331-6951 - Instructional Services Email
Pupil Services Phone: (760) 331-5016 - Pupil Services Email

Robert H. Nye, Ed.D., Assistant Superintendent
Phone: (760) 331-5013 -

Trudy Thompson, Executive Assistant
Phone: (760) 331-5011 -

Megan Arias, Director of Secondary Education
Phone: (760) 331-5010 -

TBD, Director of Elementary Education
GATE (Gifted/Adv. Learner)/ELD

Phone: (760) 331-5014 

Ruth Cartagena, Administrative Assistant
Phone: (760) 331-5074 -

Lori Grundler, Administrative Assistant
Phone: (760) 331-5012 -

Rosemary Eshelman, Student Services Specialist
Phone: (760) 331-5362 -

Kimberly Guillen, Elementary Instructional Specialist/TOSA
Phone: (760) 331-5023 -

Mary Martin, Secondary Instructional Specialist/TOSA
Phone: (760) 331-6944 -

Tim Evanson,  Director of Pupil Services
Phone: (760) 331-5016 -

Brent Nielsen, Coordinator of Special Education
Phone: (760) 331-5015 -

Emily Smith, Accountant
Phone: (760) 331-5017 -

Theresa Worth, Administrative Assistant
Phone: (760) 331-5075 -

Gigi Ostrowsky, NCCSE Program Specialist
Phone: (760) 331-5019 -

Kathy Nichols, Program Specialist
Phone: (760) 331-5073 -

Michael Doria, Program Specialist
Phone: (760) 331-5018 -

Julia Hart-Lawson, Resource Nurse
Phone: (760) 331-5265 -
FAX: (760) 729-0641